ok, I'm a dip: saving jpg at 300 dpi

topic posted Tue, July 11, 2006 - 11:08 PM by  Shannon
How do i do this: save at 300dpi, under image size? when saving? I don't get it. Under version 7.0 or CS2... or do i do this in image ready. Thanks in advance.

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  • Re: ok, I'm a dip: saving jpg at 300 dpi

    Wed, July 12, 2006 - 5:33 AM
    set your dpi under "image size"...but also consider if you are saving it for print or screen output...

    if you're saving it for screen and your screen is at an average setting (1024 X 768), then it's standard to save at 72 dpi, and pretty much whatcha see on the screen at 100% is what you're gonna get...there are then two ways to save out for is just to save as a jpg and it will ask you the quality...i always find this NOT the best option, because it doesn't show you what different compression sizes will look like...the less random way is to go to "save for web," and then click the preview window so it shows 4-up (or 4 preview options)...move the quality slider...high quality is 80 or higher...but you'll be able to preview different qualities and examine the level of compression before choosing which one to save...

    however, since you mentioned 300 dpi, let's assume that you are saving for print output...300 dpi is standard print resolution....the trick here is not just setting your image size to 300 dpi in the image size dialogue, but also looking at your image size in inches/cm....if you are outputting for print, you should have an idea what size you'll be printing at...therefore, set your inches first (8 x 10; 5 x 7; etc) and then before exiting the image size dialogue box, make sure that the resolution is set to 300 dpi....if the image size in inches is your print size AND the resolution is 300 dpi, you should be all set as far as size goes...

    BUT...if you are saving for print output, i would advise looking into other formats besides jpg for your "save as" options...jpg's are nasty little creatures with all sorts of compression ickiness...better to save as .tif, .png, .pdf, or even just keep as a .psd...that way your image won't lose anything from what you've been seeing on the screen...if you save as a photoshop .pdf, you can get some really nice clean saving especially on text and vector graphics...these items will not be rasterized (flattened), so they will maintain their original quality and crispness...when you go into "save as" and choose "photoshop .pdf," you will see a warning dialogue about overriding settings...just click okay...then choose the adobe preset style: "x-1a:2001"...this is a highly compatible print output setting that preserves a very nice quality for reopen the print file later, open with acrobat and print...

    but if you are saving for the screen or web, see the "save for web" at 72 dpi instructions above...and as far as image ready goes, i would ONLY use image ready if you're creating stuff for web output...image ready is not meant for printed stuff...

    okay, enough from me...good luck!


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